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PC Games
Enderal (Skyrim-Mod) - keine Wertung, aber Editors' Choice
Inside - 91 Editors' Choice
The Room Two - 83
Steamworld Heist - 80
Lego Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht - 80
The Technomancer - 69
Umbrella Corps - 52
Mighty No. 9 - 58

Star Citizen (Studiobesuch bei Foundry 42 in Frankfurt, Interview mit Chris Roberts)
System Shock
20 Jahre
gamescom Guide

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Leland Yee, the Senator that decided that violent videogames were so dangerous to society that he needed to propose a law that banned selling them to minors, was arrested recently for weapons trafficking. He was buying shoulder-mounted rocket launchers from an extremist Islamic group and accidentally sold them to a member of the FBI. I mean, thank God he doesn't play videogames or he might have really become a threat to society.

-- Extra Credits Episode 200

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