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PC Games
Quantum Break - 58 (wegen technischer Probleme ggü. der XBone-Fassung um 20 Punkte abgewertet)
The Banner Saga 2 - 88 Editors' Choice
ADR1FT - 59
Dark Souls 3 - 89 Editors' Choice
Trackmania Turbo - 82

Mafia 3
Die Zwerge (Sneak Peek)
Dark Souls 3 (mit Tuning-Tipps und Boss-Strategien)
Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive

Might & Magic X Legacy
Leland Yee, the Senator that decided that violent videogames were so dangerous to society that he needed to propose a law that banned selling them to minors, was arrested recently for weapons trafficking. He was buying shoulder-mounted rocket launchers from an extremist Islamic group and accidentally sold them to a member of the FBI. I mean, thank God he doesn't play videogames or he might have really become a threat to society.

-- Extra Credits Episode 200

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